54° 35′ 15″ N , 18° 32′ 44″ E

Depth above the wreck8m

Depth at the bottom12m



Torpedownia – Polish common name for the central facility of German torpedo research centers built in Poland during World War II. Torpedownia was a torpedo assembly hall with equipment for test shots, built at the bottom of the reservoir, a few hundred meters from the shore. In addition to the assembly hall and technical and engineering rooms, the building also had an observation tower, from which devices directed deep into the Bay of Gdańsk followed the track of the launched torpedo. At the bottom of the bay, a special corridor was drilled through which the torpedo moved. Test torpedoes fired were fished out by ships and analyzed in factory.



Due to the shallow depth, the place is quite easy to dive. However, be careful when jumping into the water on the numerous rods, in particular those located on the courtyard (beach side). From the front of the torpedo station you can find two torpedo hatches, and from the beach side reinforced concrete structures of a fallen ceiling with several corridors.

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