Steamer Hel

 54° 35′ 23.3″ N , 18° 50′ 51.5″ E

Depth above the wreck49m

Depth at the bottom61m



A wreck in a diving environment commonly called the Steamer. In fact, the driving unit was the Diesel engine. It was probably a tugboat, although it is not 100% sure. The reasons for its sinking are unknown.


The Steamer Wreck lies on the keel, with a slight tilt to the side, near the port of Hel. It has a nicely preserved bow section, an interesting captain’s bridge with a protruding steering column, along with a preserved steering wheel and compass. The superstructure is also in good condition, next to the port side are the remains of a lifeboat. The wreck is available to technical divers.

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