Price list

Wreck diving – Jastarnia

Shallow Cutter Jastarnia 16 mfrom 80 PLN/person
ORP Groźny18 mfrom 80 PLN/person
ORP Delfin20 mfrom 80 PLN/person
Deep Cutter Jastarnia30 mfrom 80 PLN/person
Ślązak/Malutka30 mfrom 80 PLN/person

Wreck diving – Hel

ORP Wicher15 mfrom 90 PLN/person
K-18 Bryza21 mfrom 90 PLN/person
Kanonierka30 mfrom 90 PLN/person
Minesweeper41 mfrom 90 PLN/person
Abille47 mfrom 95 PLN/person
Landing Boat55 mfrom 100 PLN/person

Wreck diving – Bałtyk

Steamer60 mfrom 130 PLN /person
Sailing Boat62 mfrom 130 PLN /person
UBoot broken67 mfrom 150 PLN /person
Torpedoboot T-571 mfrom 150 PLN /person
Torpedoboot T-373 mfrom 150 PLN /person
Franken70 mfrom 150 PLN /person
Boelcke75 mfrom 150 PLN/person

The above offer is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 §1 of the Civil Code. Sailing prices may change depending on the number of people on the boat and the distance of the wreck from the starting point.