ORP Ślązak/Malutka


 54° 39′ 10.2″ N , 18° 38′ 46.4″ E

Depth above the wreck25m

Depth at the bottom31m


A small M-XV-bis submarine, built in the USSR and used in the Baltic fleet in 1948-1954. Then he was handed over to Poland in November 1954. Leaving the flag and decommissioning in the early 1960s. After withdrawal, transferred to the 41st Rescue Squadron, planned for training purposes as “PN-01”. Initially, he wore the tactical sign M-103, then P-103 and 304 in turn. The reason for sinking was not explained. The wreck was discovered in 2007 by the IMOR unit.
Near the wreck position there is a large pit. His presence is connected with the story of the Seeburg ship resting there, which was excavated. Later the unit changed its name to Feliks Dzerzhinsky.

Length 49.50 m
4.40 m wide
Draft 2.6 m (bow), 2.8 m (stern)
Displacement 283/353 t
2 11-D diesel engines with 882 kW (1200 HP)
2 PG-17 electric motors with 321 KW (436 HP)
on an area of 15.7 kn
submerged 7.8 kn
3000 nm range at 8 kn
at 90 nm immersion
crew of 31 people
45 mm cannon dismantled in late 1958/59
4 533 torpedo tubes
4 torpedoes



This submarine lies evenly on a keel to a depth of 30 m. The wreck is often quite heavily covered with sand, although the level of this covering depends on the currents. The wreckage hull is quite well preserved, with a very characteristic protruding kiosk.

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