ORP Groźny



54° 40′ 32″ N, 18° 40′ 53″ E

Depth above the wreck: 11m

Depth at the bottom: 18,5m



A large submarine chaser from Russia. BO-type ship (Russian volunteer) 122-bis. Taken over by the Polish People’s Republic on 15 December 1957 together with seven other ships. Operated as “DS-48” then it was changed to 368. The ship decommissioned in 1971 by sunk during maneuvers of the Warsaw Pact at the Hel training ground in Hel. After that, it served as a training wreck for military divers.


The length between perpendiculars Lpp 52.00 m
The width on the shoulder is 6.40 m
Draft 2.50 m
350 t displacement
The crew of 55 people
3 main engines with 808 kW (1100 hp)
Maximum speed 21 knots
Economical 12 knots
Range at 12 w. 2500 NM
Fuel supply 31.7 tonnes
85 mm cannon
2 cannon plot 37 mm
3 double-coupled wkm 12.7 mm
2 deep rocket missile throwers
2 aft dump of deep sea bombs
30 BMB-1 deep sea bombs
32 deep-sea rocket bombs
18 sea mines wz. 08 thirty-ninths



ORP Groźny is one of the most visited wrecks. It rests evenly on the keel, there is no net or other external dangers on it, so it is ideal for beginner divers. It is worth paying attention to the rails in the stern part, after which deep mines were dropped, many manholes into the rooms inside the wreck and a large superstructure. Inside, there are many interesting places, although entering in, due to the quickly deteriorating visibility caused by sediments, requires the right technique and configuration as well as proper training.

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