54° 36′ 7″ N , 18° 47′ 25″ E

Depth above the wreck32m

Depth at the bottom41m



Warship used by Reischmarine and Kreigsmarine, rebuilt from a fishing trawler. Ship ordered as S / fi Ditmar Koel at H.C. shipyard Stulcken Sohn in Hamburg, building number 491, by the company Hansa HF. Taken over by Kaiserliche Marine on December 8, 1915. Launched on March 22, 1916.
He served under many names. Among others, Munin from September 8, 1937, ending with Vs 304 from October 1, 1943. The ship has been modernized many times. It sank after a collision on March 18, 1945



This is one of the more popular shipwrecks of the Gulf of Gdansk. It lies near the port of Hel, at a depth of 41m. It is usually marked with a buoy that leads divers to the bow of the wreck. Minesweeper, or Munin, rests on an even keel with a slight inclination to the port side. The wreck is well preserved, it looks really nice. A characteristic element is the 10.5 cm gun in the bow and the steering wheel inside the superstructure.

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