About us


My name is Tomek Ramutkowski. I have been a diving instructor since 2011 and run the #Deepbusters diving center with full commitment. For as long as I can remember, wreck diving has been my biggest passion, which is why I like to share it with others. From this passion the idea for #Wreckbusters was born, which I implement together with Olivier Śmigielski – equally passionate about diving. Joining our forces, we decided to spread love to the wrecks of other divers on an even larger scale..

This is how the #Wreckbusters Jastarnia project was created, which is to enable us to wreck diving even more often. Not only commercial ones.

We sail for all wrecks made available for diving, and after obtaining the appropriate permits from the Maritime Office, for those not available.

Our home port is the port of Jastarnia, from which we set out for wrecks, both the closer and further ones.
Of course, if necessary, we can also take divers from the port of Hel, Gdynia or Władysławowo.



Our unit is a large, fully adapted for diving RIB with the graceful name POGROMCA


✅ 8.5 meters long and 3 meters wide give a lot of space to transport 12 recreational divers or 8 technical divers over the wreck;
✅ Two gasoline engines with 225 HP each, allow to reduce the time of this transport to a minimum, gaining valuable minutes nowadays, while giving a lot of fun to participants of such sailing;
✅ Functional equipment rack in the middle of the deck allows you to comfortably swim into position and return to port without having to sit in heavy equipment;
✅Comfortable ladder enables easy boarding, even after a serious decompression dive.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a joint departure ‼ ️

Wreckbusters Team