54° 35′ 38.7″ N , 18° 47′ 27.7″ E

Depth above the wreck36m

Depth at the bottom47m



Wreck of the sea tug “Abille” with a length of 37m. Ship built in 1936 in Leith, France – incorporated in 1940 to Kreigsmarine in Benodet. From the information about the sinking, it is known that this happened while assisting the ship that had problems on Hel Road in the winter of 1945.



Abille rests evenly on the keel at a short distance to the port of Hel. Despite the fact that this is a small tug, it is a very nice and quite popular wreck. Very often on the wreck you can find flocks of cod hidden between the elements of the wreck. Until recently, a chimney protruded from the superstructure of the wreck, which some time ago broke and fell to the deck. In addition, there is a climatic boiler room in the wreck, in which, however, it is quite cramped and there is a lot of sediments, therefore, entering inside requires proper training. Due to its depth, the wreck is more accessible to technical divers.

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