Are you interested in what’s amazing and unique about the bottom of the Baltic Sea?
Especially for you, we’ve created a list of the most interesting, in our opinion, wrecks available for diving.
Thanks to us you will learn more about them and, above all, you’ll see them live!

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About us

My name is Tomek Ramutkowski and I welcome to the #Wreckbusters community. This project was created out of a huge passion for diving and love for Baltic wrecks. Together with me and my Team you will go on a journey through the amazing underwater museum. We will take you to the wrecks made available for diving, but also, after obtaining permission from the Maritime Office, to wrecks inaccessible to divers.

We sail on the waters of the Gdanska Gulf with POGROMCA , a boat fully adapted for diving purposes. Two 225 HP engines let us reduce transport time to a minimum, so that we can enjoy diving longer. I invite you to use the details on our website and to contact me.

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